About Us

Being bigger isn’t always better. We take care to stay agile and responsive,
focussing on what's important and staying flexible in a fast moving industry.

Company was founded in Amsterdam
Moved to Antwerp
Moved to Antwerp and hired our first employee
International Team
Hired our first remote employee, first interim CTO assignment
Private server cluster
Digital move to our unique private hosting infrastructure
Back to Leuven
Moved to Leuven and opened an office in Madeira
Exponential Growth
Exponential growth, closed the year with a team of 8 people and moved to cloud hosting
New Office
Hired 9 new heroes and opened a second Leuven office
Global Expansion
Going global with international clients and new hires in Kenya and Brazil.

The Team

Our members were hand-picked as experts in their crafts. Diverse cultures, interests and backgrounds are part of what defines our company culture. Most important is that we love what we do.

  • Andreas Creten CEO
  • Jonas Van Schoote CTO
  • Elie Devlieger COO
  • Dieter Vanden Eynde Lead Software Engineer
  • Bram Devries Software Engineer
  • Hannes Van De Vreken Software Engineer
  • Maxime Fabre Software Engineer
  • Xavier Barbosa Software Engineer
  • Sam Bellen Software Engineer
  • Yannick De Pauw Product Manager
  • Tony Messias Software Engineer
  • Isaak Mogetutu Software Engineer
  • Juarez Filho Software Engineer
  • Anne-Julie Van Bever Management Assistant
  • Claudia Reynders Product Manager
  • Stijn de Moffarts Product Manager
  • Kaio Brito Mobile Engineer
  • Frederick Vanbrabant Software Engineer
  • Maarten Scholz Software Engineer
  • Miguel Nascimento Software Engineer
  • Nico Pantelis Advisor