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Addapp is a service that allows you to gain personal health and wellbeing insights from different apps and devices like Runkeeper, Foursquare and Fitbit. It cleverly uses the information you already collect, and puts it to work. If you use an app for running, and another one that monitors your sleep, Addapp can give you insights on how your running activities affect your sleep.

In the beginning of Addapp, the client called us in because they were looking for an agile team with enough technical expertise to implement several 3rd party services in a short timeframe. And madewithlove delivered.

For this project, madewithlove’s extensive prior experience with heavy data harvesting saved the client a lot of time. Madewithlove successfully implemented 16 different health tracking devices/services, and even more, both front and back-end of the MVP was built in just a couple of weeks.

After a successful first phase of development, the founder of the San Francisco based Addapp managed to successfully raise a second round of investment. Together with their investors, Addapp decided to continue their partnership with madewithlove in the form of a long term consulting agreement. Madewithlove now works closely together with the Addapp team on both entrepreneurial and technical level.

Addapp started as a service that allows you to monitor and experiment with your fitness data from different information sources. It focussed on experiments with data such as finding the combination of activities that have the most effect on your weight. Addapp aggregated this data and provided the statistical tools in the background to make this possible.

Focussing on how data from one source correlates with other data, we came across several statistical questions. Throughout this process, valuable insights were gained on efficiently connecting with different services, integrating data, and doing this all at incredible speeds. Important for every startup is the ability to quickly iterate and make changes to your product. Addapp was no exception, and they found themselves ready for a big change thanks to insightful experiences throughout the development process. Addapp shifted together with their users and with support from madewithlove, leading to the user insight oriented view Addapp has in their latest release today. Users can now connect a number of health and fitness apps, uncover hidden relationships between user data, and use this for interesting health insights.

In the most recent update Addapp was fully redesigned, moving away from the vertical scroll to a horizontal timeline. Large pictures are now used and personal insight have become smarter. Other new features implemented by madewithlove are the implementation of ‘action points’, helping users turn insights into action. It is now easy to schedule workouts and other events to your calendar straight from Addapp, as well as share their accomplishments to social media.

As always, madewithlove continued to work on new app integrations to Addapp, both directly and through Apple health. New integrations such as Uber, Under Armour and MapMyFitness can now also be used to generate personal insights. MyFitnessPal and Endomondo can be integrated via Apple Health. Also new is the use of simple user friendly graphs to visualise trends and correlations in your data.

The Addapp version for Apple Watch was also introduced, allowing users to scroll their insights just like they would do on their iPhone.

Visit the Addapp website: (website offline)

"My experience with madewithlove has been simply great. The skills are a given but the hands-on approach and positive mentality at madewithlove is something I have enjoyed and am still enjoying. I recommend them blindly."

Kouris Kalligas

Kouris Kalligas CEO & Co-founder of Addapp


Frameworks and tools we used

This application is built using the Laravel framework for PHP. The harvesting and processing workers communicate with the front-end application and the database via beanstalkd.

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