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Mirrors of Medicine™

This is an open, multidisciplinary platform that facilitates single access to unique medical education programmes. It has a clear focus on the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions made in everyday clinical practic.

For their Prostate Cancer community Mirrors of Medicine developed a set of interactive models. These specialized models aim to identify the best available evidence at a patient-specific level. The primary source of information is from high-quality clinical studies. Where these studies are lacking or insufficiently detailed, the collective judgement by an expert panel is used as a complementary source. For each diagnostic or therapeutic option, the available evidence is summarised with references to key publications.

From the start it was clear madewithlove understood our data management and distribution challenges. The technical solution they came up with helped us optimize both workflows beyond our expectations. Impressive work.

Rik Rijnders

Rik Rijnders Managing Director e-HIMS Publisher of Mirrors of Medicine

Besides these models being a powerful tool for individual learning, they also offer multiple applications to offer group education.

Our task

Mirrors of Medicine contacted madewithlove for the setup of a centralized content API hub and the development of two mobile apps to make this data easily accessible for all their users, including those who are offline.

We aided Mirrors of Medicine with technical elements of the system through product design, consulting and development services. We took great care in the clear definition of data and functionality components in all code produced, ensuring its readability for all developers involved. Given we needed to build a system able to process a high volume of derivative clinical scenarios, this was a challenging mission we were happy to take on.

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Frameworks and tools we used:

The API and CMS are built using the Laravel framework. User management for the CMS is done through the CAS system of MoM. For the API authentication we used a combination of the Oauth2 and CAS. The iOS and Android app are built with Ionic.