Digital solution delivers efficiency and productivity boost for new benefits fund

Parentia is a new child benefits fund in Belgium and the market leader in its sector across the nation’s three regions. It was created following a new law that shifts federal responsibility for child benefits to the regional level in 2019.
Combining the forces of three existing funds – Partena Professional, Future Generations (formerly Mensura) and Attentia, Parentia seeks to offer a more direct, pro-active and personal approach.
Its mission is to provide financial support to all existing and expecting parents throughout the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions in Belgium.
Madewithlove was approached by Parentia to design the concept for a new digital solution, one that will improve the fund’s service for new and existing customers. Key goals were to boost the efficiency and productivity of case managers, with the output used to create a request for proposal.

With its eyes on the target, madewithlove adopted a two-step approach. The first involved collecting insights and data at the technical and organisational levels. Step two was all about designing the concept, vision and high-level analysis of what the final product should be.

Audit time

Madewithlove set about interviewing high-level staff in Parentia’s communication, IT and operations departments to find out more about the operational, IT and communication infrastructure. Questions covered everything from each department’s current organisation and challenges to their future plans and future requirements. To get a 360 degree view of what works and what doesn’t, madewithlove also followed people around as they went about their daily jobs.

Win-win for clients and case managers

The audit served as the base for a product concept. Madewithlove examined ways to integrate all active channels (including email, phone, chat, letters, and government information feeds) into one solution. This will enable a case manager to process his/her to-dos as efficiently as possible. Clients also stand to benefit from such a solution, by gaining the maximum value from being registered with Parentia. For example clients could order pre-filled forms, obtain a transparent view of their cases or receive personalised content whenever necessary.

Thanks to this product ‘ideation’, madewithlove came up with a novel digital solution that combines a content and e-platform for Parentia’s clients. It also features a task centralisation platform featuring automated task assignment for Parentia’s case managers.




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