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About Myrise

Myrise is a startup based in Ghent. They offer a dashboard that organizes and scores all your content marketing data. Our collaboration with Myrise started in 2012, long before the company was actually founded. Initially we helped them sketch the ideal application structure.

They initiated development in late 2012 with their own developer, but had to find that developer to quit the company in May 2013. Myrise, operating under the name ‘Darwin Analytics’ at the time, had clients to answer to and was in need of a quick solution, so they consulted madewithlove. We called in a developer from ‘TwitSpark’, briefed and got him ready to start working within 48 hours. After some time Darwin was convinced of the madewithlove service quality, and chose to follow our ‘startup trajectory’, which means they rely on madewithlove for entrepreneurial and technical consulting. We helped them find a new team, iron out their product and set up a solid structure for growth. They had a team of 4 people working on the product full-time, won several substantial clients such as Volkswagen, Niko, Thomas Cook and Mobile Vikings, and have recently raised a second round of investments.

The recent rebranding of Darwin Analytics with Myrise entailed new features and a brand new application design. The new version also improved the usability of the app, and is a step towards the continuous evolving of the brand and service. Darwin Analytics continues to work with top content marketers from companies such as Telenet, ABB and Wolters Kluwer to find how data can take their content marketing performance to the next level.

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