Automating key business operations.

About NewWorld

NewWorld is a company that specializes in ‘live communication’ with 8 divisions: Brand Activation, Design & Development, Events & Incentives, Logistic Services, Digital Print, Mobile Activations, Creative Strategies, and Tailormade Constructions. They organise extensive corporate and brand activation events and are known for their expertise in PR, marketing, graphic design and e-marketing fields. Ranging from organizing an Axelle Red concert or a large corporate event, to perfume sampling campaigns in large shopping cities. NewWorld works with large teams, some fixed but also many temporary employees such as students. To manage these events as well as automate an enormous range of administrative tasks, NewWorld was in need of a strong and reliable internal ERP system to support their business.

Our cooperation with NewWorld started in 2009. At this time, NewWorld was growing quickly and looking for a reliable technical partner who could provide the expertise to build a strong and scalable internal IT foundation for their company.

People Portal screenshot

The initial request was to build a simple web-based ERP system. Over the years we continued to work closely with NewWorld, following their business to build and maintain a tailored software solution for their daily needs. The NewWorld software now automates several key business operations such as administration and wage payments for different employee regulations. As NewWorld works with many temporary workforces such as students, an electronic notice for the Social Security for each entering and leaving employee needed to be automated. What followed was an automatic system that also pays wages and sends out payslips.

Today, this web software has become a backbone that enables a team of over 50 full time employees to efficiently manage over 16000 field brand-activation events per year, including planning availability and administration for over 250 employees per week assigned to various NewWorld events.

Aside from a complicated administrative process, NewWorld was also in need of a system that could assist them in selecting the best fit for a specific event. To do this, madewithlove implemented a system to automatically show NewWorld who they should contact first. Included is a built-in scoring system for temps that documents their track record. For example if a temp arrives late or does not show, a certain amount of points are deducted. On the other hand, points will be appointed after positive experiences like timeliness and other measures. In addition to this, characteristics provided by NewWorld and requested by their clients are also taken into account. This can be as specific as hair color and gender. The final step is checking where the event is located and where the temp lives. If a student has indicated that he or she is in Brussels during the week and in Ghent in the weekend, he or she will come up on top for an event in Ghent on Saturday, but not on Tuesday. All of this runs instantly in the background, only showing the NewWorld app user exactly what they need to see.

The MyNewWorld software is the beating heart of NewWorld
Kristof Bastiaensen Director of Operations at NewWorld Kristof Bastiaensen

We recently completed a people portal for NewWorld, a system that empowers temporary NewWorld employees to manage a lot of their information through an online portal. NewWorld temps can log in, receive event invitations and briefings, submit expenses, check into an event on arrival with their mobile and much more. This new system was cleverly integrated into the existing ERP system, saving NewWorld substantial hours of manual work time and money.

NewWorld has (been acquired by Aegis Media, and) opened several offices in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and have become one of the largest players in the Benelux, rolling out their madewithlove software to all subsidiaries.