One More Thing

A mix of functionality and simplicity.

About One More Thing

A while ago in March 2009 we started working on a new version of One More Thing, the largest Dutch Apple community which had around 3.5 million visitors a month at the time. This was an extensive project with daunting numbers at the time, so we were excited to get started. Together with the client and designer, we focussed on the user and bringing the best possible interface experience. We wanted the website to be a blend of functionality and simplicity, and we were very happy with how it turned out.

We migrated a forum with almost 2 million forum posts, which wasn’t evident. On the 1st of April 2010, the same day Apple was founded, we released the new version. As a young company, we worked a straight 36 hours to get the website online before launch.

Frameworks and tools we used

Wordpress was the base for this project, and most of the community features are handled by bbPress. By combining those two with self-written Wordpress plugins we made a completely integrated solution. Caching is extremely important in a project of this size, therefore, we combined the Wordpress Total Cache plugin with our own homemade memcached-based caching system to get the job done.