Home is where the heart is…

…and we’ve got quite a large home.

We are headquartered in Belgium, but take pride in employing a diverse team spread out over the world. We don’t take country borders into account when searching for talent, as we strongly feel that a team composed of different cultures and views is a key strength for an Internet company.
With love, from Belgium 🇧🇪 , Portugal 🇵🇹 , France 🇫🇷 , Canada 🇨🇦  and Brazil 🇧🇷 .


Our developers are constantly searching for new coding techniques and tools. To feed a healthy obsession for modern coding, our team members contribute to several research groups and regularly attend software engineering workshops and conferences.

Quality Assurance

Our developers build and execute unit, integration, and functional tests. These tests enable quick and automated code review for specificly tailored code and are a best-practice own to how we work, minimizing the deployment of bugs that cost time and money. In addition to this, all newly written code is submitted to a central separate repository where it awaits review by a senior software engineer prior to it being added to the application repository.

API First

For all projects we work API-first , which means starting with the development of an API for internal use. This API is meant for developing the actual application and its back-office, enabling a possible future mobile application to use this API without requiring a lot of extra work to be done. Starting with the API also ensures an easier integration with 3rd party services.

We work remote

Our team members have built all kinds of projects with clients all over the world. Working at various locations doesn't imply limitations for our team, we have built a network of strong communication and planning tools that is used for every project we do. This allows us to stay close to our clients, wherever we may be.

The developer community

Caring and sharing our knowledge

Open source

We are big fans of open source technology. Our team not only uses, but also develops and actively participates in several open-source projects. We regularly contribute to: Laravel framework, laravel-twilio, thephpleague's container and thephpleague's route.

Besides, we've created some free tools and services ourselves that are used by millions, even by one of the pioneers of the Internet.

Conference speaking

When we're not creating lovely pieces of code, we love sharing our passion to diverse audiences. Our talks range from very technical to general subjects like startup life and innovation.

A selection of talks by some of our team:

  1. Changing live audio with the web-audio-api by Sam Bellen at JSConf Budapest, Hungary

  2. A bird's eye view on API development by Frederick Vanbrabant at PHP Ghent, Belgium

  3. A Rough Guide to Caching by Andreas Creten at WordCamp Antwerp, Belgium

  4. Modern HTTP Handling with PHP by Hannes Van De Vreken at PHP Leuven, Belgium

  5. WP-CLI and Plugin Developing With Future and Past Compatibility by Andreas Creten at WordCamp Prague, Czech Republic

  6. Package Development by Hannes Van De Vreken at Laracon EU, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Meetups and user groups

Various team members are involved in organising meetups and user groups. Like the MongoDB Meetup, GDG Maceió, php.gent, PHP Antwerp, php.roazhon and Fronteers.

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