Friyay projects Take a little stroll around our very own playground

We love every working day. But our Friday afternoons are special. That’s when we dabble in non-client projects.
It’s all experimental and innovative stuff. So our developers can test, play, and learn – and maybe pick up new skills of benefit to us or our clients somewhere down the line.

Curious about what we get up to on our friyays. Need a handy tool? Check out our open source projects and friyay tools below.

Reflect – Coach your colleagues

Reflect is madewithlove’s internal peer-to-peer feedback tool. The goal is to help colleagues give and receive feedback to each other. We’ve been using and fine-tuning this tool internally for a couple of years already. Because of positive reactions, we plan on making Reflect multi-tenant so our clients can start to use it as well.

Check out Reflect

Invox – Invoicing made easy

Stop spending time on processing incoming invoices manually. Have suppliers send their invoices directly to your Invox email address. We use machine learning to understand the details on the invoice so the more invoices you process, the smarter your Invox gets. Even better: your invoices are safely stored and encrypted in the cloud.

Check out Invox

Changehub – Manage your changelogs

A software release tool, integrated with GitHub to automatically generate release notes for developers, project managers or any other stakeholders. Changehub grew out of an internal need to follow up releases of our projects. The initial version was built during a hackathon, and we’ve been constantly improving the product ever since.

Check out Changehub

changehub madewithlove
htaccess madewithlove

Htaccess Tester – Helping people debug complex rules

A well known open-source tool in the developer community that can test otherwise pesky htaccess rewrite rules.

Check out Htaccess Tester

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Open-source projects

Not all our Friyay figments become stand-alone products. We also love contributing to the open-source community. Here are a few tools we are proud of. Feel free to use them.
open source semver

Semver – A handy Packagist version constraint tester

Semver is an educational tool to better understand how Composer and Semver translate version constraints. It’s inspired by the NPM semver calculator and operates on the same principle: it allows to see which versions of a given package would match a provided constraint.

Check out Semver

Why Can’t We Have Nice Things

Why can’t we have nice things? It started as a joke but became a handy tool that unifies the PHP wiki, the repository and the mailing list. It also shows insights such as voting patterns, comments and history in a clear interface.

Check out Why Can’t We Have Nice Things


Allow for easier structuring of queries and indices in your application with this lightweight wrapper on top of the Elasticsearch PHP client.

Check out Elasticsearcher


A task runner and deployment package for the PHP world. Fast and easy to use, as well as remarkably stable.

Check out Rocketeer

case friyay rocketeer maxime fabre


A set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. This piece of software is downloaded worldwide over 1000 times per day.

Check out WP-CLI

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