Wondering what makes us love what we do? We'll happily share our tips & tricks in our workshops.


Due to the nature of our work, we get in touch with a lot of different people and organizations. All of them have different challenges but there are always similarities in those challenges that need solving.

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The goal of our workshops is to give you a bit of theory, examples of real cases, interesting insights, practical advice, and a lot to think about on the way home.

To make sure you get as much value out of our workshops, we always try and gather data before the workshop with a survey. This way we can adapt our workshops to the needs of our audience.

Are you interested in attending one of our workshops or want to have an in-house workshop for your team? Contact Dimitri and he'll get in touch.

we like to give

Product Management 101

For CTOs and CEOs that had their product-market fit and don't know what to do next: how to properly manage your product before, during and after development.


Psychological Safety

Why remote companies are winning

The internal madewithlove toolbox

Agile beyond scrum

What is a one-on-one and how to run one

Other possible topics

  • How leadership can impact culture

  • Mastering delegation

  • Holding effective meetings

  • Empower your remote workers

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