Managing technical teams Creating the best possible environment for your team. After all, developers are only human!

Managing technical teams
Everyone in our company is a developer – a very special breed that sometimes needs a little care and attention. We really understand how developers think, react and feel.
And we know how to keep them productive and engaged. Be sure to tap our expertise, so you can optimise your own HR policy for developers. We can advise on, design and even help implement the right changes to make your team perform at its best.

The tools we use

Allow us to present a few special tools of our own. They are designed to optimise our own HR flow as well as to keep creating and maintaining the madewithlove culture we are so proud of. For instance, Reflect helps our team members to coach one another, by means of continuous peer-to-peer feedback and follow-up.

Then there’s People Potential Performance Matrix. This tool enables a management team to keep track of co-workers’ performance and potential. Your performance can be enhanced thanks to customised tips and content, depending on your position in the matrix. Our PPPM also gives good insight into your team’s overall performance and will suggest ways to improve it.

How we do it

We can provide advice on every aspect of managing a team. We look at your team composition, the culture you have and the culture you want. Based on that we help you design and implement the right changes. Even if it the task grows beyond the technical team, we can bring you into contact with trusted specialists to fix things.


Your future growth depends on finding the right people. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

  • Employer branding: make sure potential employees know how nice it is to work on your product. We know developers and we know how to make them notice you.
  • Interviews: ask the right questions to hire the people that fit your culture and your technical requirements.
  • Technical assignments: be sure they know what they claim to know and can do what’s asked by thoroughly testing their skills. We help you create the right test and provide the tools to evaluate the result.
  • Onboarding process: you’ve found the right person, now make them feel at home as quickly as possible. We have a ton of tips and tricks to setup this process for your engineers.


Lifelong learning, for everyone in your team. We can talk about it, do a workshop or even dive into your code with your team for hands-on guidance and help.

  • Programming techniques
  • New technologies
  • Tooling
  • Documenting
  • Processes


Our people are here to stay. Because we want your people to feel equally at home in your business, we focus on these areas:

  • Culture: We can help you find out what your team values are and how you can strengthen your culture, or change it.
  • Managing remote teams has been our second nature for the past 10 years. We can help you make your team work remotely too.
  • Feedback, one-on-ones, reviews: what to ask? How often? And by whom? We can help you answer these, and more, questions so you know what’s going on in your team. For peer-to-peer feedback we even built our own tool.
  • Communication is key, but is it organised well? We help you find the right tools, processes and mindset for your team to effectively communicate.

Letting go

We can advise you when taking the hardest of decisions – letting people go.

  • Internal and external communication is a tricky thing to get right, but we have some ideas there.
  • Offboarding process is as important as onboarding. It’s not always the most enjoyable process, so we help you make it go as smooth as possible.

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