Product management Need a helping hand to develop your product? We’re here for you!

Product management
Having a bright idea is great, but turning it into a marketable software product is tough. We can help you achieve that goal, by taking ownership of the product process and by bridging any technical, design or business gaps.
Do you know your product’s purpose? Have a vision for its future? Then you’ve got a strong product idea! Our product managers can help you translate that purpose and vision into a driver. A driver that will motivate your whole team, so they deliver a quality product day in and day out.

What we can do

At any stage, madewithlove can quickly jump in and help you out.

From scratch: evaluate and help to fine-tune your initial idea

Only have a basic idea? No problem, we’re happy to dive in right from the start and help you define a first viable product. With the right set of features, you will be able to evaluate your idea without spending too much.

The last mile

Ready for the finishing touch? We can complete a project you may have been working on for a while, adding that little extra required for the final version. We’ll keep the oversight, help streamline your communication and add extra power to release your very first version.

Next stage: you simply have to get to the next level

If you’re eager to develop product 2.0, we can assist you with taking your current product to the next level. By scaling your product development process, you can tackle legacy and still keep moving forward with new features and opportunities.

Growing fast: get your product under control

Last but not least, we can act as your Interim CPO (chief product officer). Perhaps you need someone with C-level authority to oversee all product development projects. If your organisation lacks someone suitable or only needs it part-time, allow us to successfully take on that role.

How we do it

Our product managers take ownership of the product development process. They help define a product vision and the strategy to make it happen. Equally important is to make sure the right parties are involved at the right moment, so no good idea is lost or left unexplored.

It’s about more than simply overseeing the process, vision and your product strategy though. Our product managers can act as project managers too. They keep watch over the day-to-day development process, making sure specifications are clear, but also reassure everyone at the highest levels that the team is working on what was originally agreed. All of that while keeping an eye on the budget to keep everyone happy.

When the time comes to launch new features or even a whole product, our product managers make sure the quality is there and only launch if all teams give a green light. Having evolved into a domain specialist by then, they can advise on the proper strategy to launch, involving marketing, support, management, or any other role needed to make sure a launch is successful.

Before development

Define the idea and purpose

This process starts with us asking questions. Lots of them. Your answers will help us to outline your product and more importantly to understand why you’re building it. We’ll treat what you tell us as a sort of holy book.

Set up the product process

Going from an idea to a released feature takes time. To do this successfully a well designed process is essential. We can set this up, made to measure for your team’s composition and abilities.

Ensure business case validity

It’s easy to get excited by every cool-looking idea or new feature. We’ll do all in our power to ensure only the right ones get added, depending on their possible impact for you and/or users, as well as data. Don’t forget data!

Scope and specify features

First an idea needs trimming down so it becomes feasible and focused. Then it needs to be clearly described for the team so it can be built properly.

Plan and prioritise features

A roadmap ensures clear communication to all stakeholders about the direction the product is heading in. It helps your team to see the bigger picture. We help you set up and maintain a clear roadmap based on your product vision.

No-as-a-Service (NaaS)

We know everyone’s wishes can’t be granted, especially when there’s a race to complete a product on time and within budget. If the wishes don’t fit the original plan, our product manager will say so and protect it. Ultimately everyone benefits from NaaS.

During development


Absolutely key to helping the engineering team stay on track. Good communication ensures a product’s ‘why and what’ are clear and followed by the product development team. It also means updating the right parties on any new developments.

Quality assurance

Extensive testing – build, test, repeat until fully satisfied – allows us to guarantee quality for you. Hook up with our friendly product manager and your product can be tweaked ‘till everyone’s sure it’s ready and revved up for market.

After development

Hand off product to marketing

At this stage, in the race to finalise your product, you’re sure to come across new challenges, techniques and methodologies. We’ll guide you through the difficult process of introducing your product to the market and introduce you to the right people to get the best reach.

Release management

Time to set you product free! We will make sure to create a release plan that suits your product and goal, be it a soft-release, a phased approach where we juggle with feature-flags or a big bang release with fireworks and roaring jet planes. This last one only if you insist.

Feature flags

A magical way to change your product without modifying your precious code. And to ensure delivery without complex workarounds, if a feature shouldn’t be available for all users. It helps you release step by step in a very controlled manner.

User tracking and analysis

Because knowledge is power. We can set up a number of tracking tools in your product and help you understand the numbers and graphs coming out. They set the scene for a next round of product development.

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