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We can search, screen and test your candidates. We can handle this process from A to Z, or partially. For example, we can only test the applicants on a technical level.


Over the years we have refined our internal recruiting process to perfection. We use exactly the same tools and process to hire for clients.

1. Sourcing

A big part of our job is to find good candidates for a position. We see this as a sales pipeline and use similar marketing techniques to feed it with profiles.

If there is no natural inflow for a position, we will use our vast network to suggest some interesting candidates. Our reputation helps to get them to consider the open position.

2. CV screening

Madewithlove screens all candidates according to the criteria that were discussed with the client. The list of candidates that pass the cv screening will be presented to the client for validation (maybe the client has defined a maximum number of candidates that may pass the screening). Candidates that don’t pass the screening will receive a friendly message explaining the reason(s) for not passing this stage.

3. Interview

Candidates that pass the cv screening are invited to a (video screen) interview with one of madewithlove’s experienced recruiting experts.

This interview doesn’t focus on technical skills or specific knowledge. During this call, the main goal is to get to know the applicant better, to learn about his motivation for applying, to seek for a culture fit and to screen a few soft skills that have been defined with the client during the preparation.

The output of this stage is an extensive written report and a recommendation from our expert. The client gets access to all reports and has the final decision who he wants to continue with. In case the client has doubts about one or more candidate, madewithlove can share the recording of the interview.

4. Technical test

Candidates that pass the interview are invited to execute a technical assignment. This assignment has been developed to evaluate certain soft skills and technical IT skills.

Once the candidate has finished the assignment, each test will be evaluated by two senior engineers. They will put their feedback and a recommendation in an extensive written report that the client will receive, together with the candidate’s code of the assignment.

The copyright of the code remains with the candidates. Since the assignment is developed by madewithlove, it may not be reproduced or copied by the client out of the scope of the search and selection agreement.

Roles we can recruit

Any technical or technical management role that serves under a CTO.

  • CTO
  • Engineering manager
  • Product manager
  • Lead engineer
  • Team lead
  • Developers
    • Back-end
    • Front-end
    • Mobile

No exclusivity

As opposed to most other head hunters in the market, we do not ask for exclusivity. This means the client can choose to hire other recruiters to fill its vacant jobs or can try to recruit candidates themselves simultaneously.

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