Software engineering Need your own software? Great, we love building things.

Software engineering
We can build almost anything. As long as it’s software. Building state-of-the-art applications that boost your business makes us happy.
So we write code and manage projects, as they are the core of our business. We practise what we preach, because almost everyone at madewithlove started out as an engineer and knows how to program. Rest assured, when we advise you or your team, it’s always from experience.

All platforms covered

We can build just about any application, if it connects to the internet. Thanks to our experience with a wide variety of platforms and technologies, we can help you at any stage of a product. From building a proof of concept for a mobile app to helping you scale up a high-availability API or adding integrations to your app with other services. We always prepare for scalability.

Web apps

They come in every shape and size, from a prototype to a fully featured first version, optimised for mobile or just quick-and-dirty to test a new concept.


Besides the API we build to get your web or mobile app ticking, we can ensure other services work together with yours.

Mobile apps

iOS or Android, phones or tablets: we can quickly build apps for them all using the technology best suited to your product, be it full native code, React Native or a well thought-out responsive web app.


Want to enhance your product through any number of integrations with other services? We can help you there too.

How we see our role

Our software engineering work is extensive. It includes prototypes, first versions, API development, integrations with other services and help with scaling or refactoring.

But that’s just for starters. We’re equally experienced at supporting clients in other advanced fields.

Burst power for new features

Over a short period, we speed up development to finish that feature you need. So you don’t have to hire extra, or specialised, staff.

To the rescue

When you’re desperate to save a project that is fast heading south, all our available team members don their software superhero capes and get it back on track.


You have an idea, but no team yet? We can build your application from scratch. Plus you can count on us to help you set up your engineering team before we leave.


Your old app maybe needs an update, but you’re struggling with loads of technical debt. Let us help you fix that, in cooperation with your own team, so you can finally launch new features again. All this without having to start coding from scratch and with no impact on your existing users.

We work with you

Obviously we write code, but there’s plenty more to that process than meets the eye. Backed by solid principles and a can-do attitude, we deliver the quality and service to which we aspire.

We build API First. This is for developing the app and its back-office, so that any future mobile app or third-party service will work with it. This approach has two advantages: you can easily integrate your app with other touchpoints and begin to scale it as you go.

Multi-disciplinary teams are the secret ingredient when assembling a solid and successful team. It’s all about ensuring a team has all the skills and experience required to tackle a specific problem. The team should operate like a Swiss pocket knife when necessary, to guarantee smooth project delivery.

Last but not least, we focus on training and coaching. Our people and yours. Everyone then gets to learn and grow – as an engineer and a team member.

Working together

Different team setups: the classical way or in hybrid, mixed teams – your engineers and ours – combining expertise from both sides and sharing processes and knowledge along the way.

Open source technology

We love working with open source tools. They deliver exactly what we want and are supported by a huge community, allowing us to find the right engineers. Our weapons of choice here are Laravel PHP and React.

Flexible project management

We’re big fans of ‘agile’. If done right, this excellent delivery methodology ensures that teams get the support to deliver what they commit to. It makes no difference whether you’re using Scrum, Kanban or another agile framework. Because we believe the framework should serve its team and we ensure it really does.

The process

We bring along a bunch of development processes and best practices: extensive use of version control, code reviews, pair programming, continuous integration and delivery.

Still not convinced?

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