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Technical consulting
We can be the technical voice in your management team to make sure the technical side of your business gets exactly the right attention.
To build an app, you will usually need a team with lots of different roles, for example a CTO, a VPoE or a team lead. The mindset required to fill these roles evolves as your product grows and, to be honest, most of the time you don’t need them full-time. On top of that it is very hard nowadays to find the right person to fill in the at-that-time required role. Our experienced team can solve this by taking on a number of roles at different stages of your product.

What we can do

It all revolves around strategic advice. In the software development process, you will often find yourself at a crossroads, unsure which direction to take for the underlying technology. Madewithlove can guide you when you need to make tough decisions.

To do so we can be part of an advisory board, defending you and any decisions before a company board. Or we can act as an Interim CTO, because finding a full-time CTO can be tricky, unnecessary or expensive. It is our belief that a good CTO should know what it feels like to dive into code themselves. With our background as developers we sure haven’t forgotten that.

Our technical strategy

It all starts with the phase your application, and your company, are currently in. Whether you are just starting to refine a new product idea or want to finally aim for that version 2.0, we can help you. We can plan out the right strategy to get your first customers going or we can help you manage technical debt and its growing pains.

Need a near- or long-term plan to scale technically along with the expect growth in usage? We can help you there too. Need a budget calculated? A long-term technical vision? A clear view on how to evolve your team? We’ve got it all covered and if needed can even back it up with the right software engineers or product managers to bridge the gap while you look for the right people.

But that is not all. Below some more challenges you may face and how we can help you.

We know people

We don’t want our clients to be dependent on us. So we do everything to get you standing on your own two feet as soon as possible. Our main goal is to help you build up your team with the right people. We can put you in touch with freelancers, contractors, as well as partners we trust. The sooner you don’t need us anymore, the better the job we’ve done.

Organise development processes

Daily and weekly syncs keep you structured. Deployment and code reviews must get enough attention. We know how to follow up on customer support. With the right processes in place, your product is ready to reach the next goal. That’s how we ensure your team is working with the right mindset on the right tasks. We also check they have the perfect tooling set up to keep going.

Funding and R&I

We’re proud of our success rate in landing funding for products we worked on. If you envisage a product with the potential for research & innovation, we can help with the application or join to defend your idea in a hearing, so you get the most out of it (e.g. through the Flemish government’s Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO)).

Document everything

We don’t like ‘hit and run’ projects. Instead we keep hitting till we nail it. And if we really do need to run or move on, we’ll make certain we have left a path for others to follow. Proper documentation of all the decisions we helped making, all the processes we implemented or roadmaps we helped shape can save you time and money in the long run. Document all the things!

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