Anne-Julie Van Bever

Management Assistant

Of the few people that bring a bit of female power and tenderness into madewithlove! She’s deeply respected by her male co-workers, for her listening skills and free advice. Besides running the madewithlove offices, which would be located in Italy if she had her way, Anne-Julie is a foodie. A specialist in bread, pies and all things Italian, naturalmente.

Q: What food puts you in the best mood?
I love sharing dishes. Show me a Greek mezze or tapas, or a table laden with different kind of dishes, if you want to see me super happy. I think that’s why I love Christmas so much. My mother cooks the best turkey and up to 10 side dishes. We sit together for hours and I love it!

Q: What kind of a person are you? Milk or coffee first?
Coffee first, then milk! The taste is very different if you do it the other way round.

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