Bert Ramakers

Software Engineer

Rumours go that this guy did the best technical assignment ever during the hiring process, so getting him on board was in fact a no brainer. Bert was probably very “poka-yoke” doing his assignment. This might sound like something you would order at a sushi restaurant, but its rough translation actually means “mistake-proofing”, a principle Bert uses not only when coding. To err may be human, but if you ask Bert, a lot of common mistakes can often be avoided by applying a range of thoughtful techniques to the development of any digital product. So, who wouldn’t want to have a ‘poka-yoke’ guy making his product?

Q: What is your favorite car?
Most definitely the Austin Healey Sprite, a small British roadster from 1965. I own one that has been in my family for a long time.

Q: Icebears or crocodiles?
I live with a completely white cat, which kind of looks like a tiny icebear, so definitely icebears.

The Bert Facts

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