Dieter Vanden Eynde

Software Engineer

“The voice of reason in this chaos of web development” – as Dieter likes to describe himself. If he keeps repeating the ‘Why?’ question every time you have an issue, please don’t feel intimidated. He is simply trying to understand your idea or problem and he’s challenging it. You may first feel a little apprehensive when confronted by his constant questions and his ‘I served in the army’ look. But Dieter is a really nice guy. He could also fix your electricity problems, as he makes a little money on the side as an electrician.

Q: Where did you go on your first airplane trip?
Salou, Spain. Yolo!

Q: What’s your favourite non-video game?
Still really love ‘Droppings’, where you get blindfolded and dropped off in a random place. You then need to get back to a specific place yourself. I prefer playing this game in the countryside and by night.

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