Dimitri Van Lunter

Engineering Manager

Coming from Belgium’s most likeable province, Dimitri never fails to prove that a generally happy mood can successfully influence a project’s results. He has also shown his colleagues and clients how everything, not least designing lightweight processes to improve efficiency, gets easier when you’re having fun. Whether doing a CrossFit session or playing football, Dimitri likes to work up a sweat from time to time. This guy lives and breathes persistence and positivity. Note that he hasn’t missed a single edition of the Tomorrowland festival since 2005.

Q: Is there another company you’ve been inspired by recently?
I recently attended a webinar entitled ‘Doing business on purpose’ by Arthur Woods. Imperative’s mission is to build a workforce where everyone is fulfilled, on a global level.

Q: Do you prefer apples or pears (or a more sophisticated fruit/vegetable)?
Apples are my go-to fruit when I have a hangover. (It can happen sometimes!) Munching an apple is the fastest way for me to get my body into a state where it will accept other food again.

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