Kaio Brito

Mobile Engineer

Ever come across a guy who compares web development to football? If not, meet Kaio, one of Brazil’s finest mobile developers. According to coach Kaio, we should focus on fixing things instead of blaming someone for problems. And whenever you win or lose, you do so as a team. Wise words from a true go-getter. Or could he be playing FIFA18 a tad too much with his son?

Q: Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Do you know anyone who has ever encountered one?
I don’t, but my mother-in-law is a Spiritist and she has told some creepy stories. One day, she and her husband were having dinner at home with a friend and she started to tell one of her stories. The friend started to make jokes about them and suddenly he stopped moving and turned white as a sheet. My father-in-law checked his pulse and found nothing, so they called the emergency services. But before they arrived, he woke up. He was apparently dead for almost 10 minutes. Afterwards, they installed cameras inside the house.

Q: Q: Is there anything you care about far more than you should?
My gadgets. A phone, computer, video games and so on. Whenever I’m on a boat, I’m always thinking of ways I could save my phone, if the boat sinks.

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