Vicky Jáuregui

Software Engineer

Vicky is a passionate full-stack developer from Argentina. With a good eye for detail, she likes building responsive designs, working on APIs and solving problems – even if the solution comes to her mind at 5 AM. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Vicky moved to a small town in Cordoba to find peace and quiet and to enjoy outdoor sports. She enjoys playing volleyball, climbing mountains or just throwing the ball to her dog Simón.

Q: How do you hold your own in a working environment with so many men?

A: In my experience, men are really practical, straightforward and I really enjoy working with them. On the other hand, women tend to focus more on the details, which can lead to improvements in the usability and user experience of software. I hope that in the coming years we will see more girls who code, so there is greater team diversity.

Q: What you are afraid of?

A: I hate airplane turbulence. As a passenger, it just makes me feel that I’m on a roller coaster and I dislike that. I’m not a fan of hand-size spiders and flying bugs either!

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