Vincent Van Grootel

Product Manager

Have you ever seen 198cm of positivity? With his empathy and ability to step into your shoes, Vince will help you define a strategy for your product and keep your team motivated along the way as well, which is nice, no? The moment you will get to know this guy, you will instantly forgive his constant flood of stupid jokes and the fact he decided to call his motorcycle Ferdinand.

Q: Do you have any pets or favourite animals?
A: I have a cat called Fidel. He likes to talk and is the majestic ruler of Wilsele. Also have a ‘dog’ called Duke. It’s a Chihuahua. It came with my girlfriend. Duke and I are friends now. I asserted dominance.

Q: Any morning rituals?
A: I like coffee. A lot. Almost got a restraining order. Followed a few courses on it which were very interesting. It’s part of my daily routine.

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