Wouter Sioen

Software Engineer

Wouter looks like the nice kid you knew at high school. But boy oh boy, when it comes to problem-solving, this developer is like a pitbull on steroids. It must have been that world trip he made, which cleared his mind to the extent he can now fully sink his shiny teeth into fixing unsolvable bugs and automatic testing. If he applied himself as much to playing his ukelele, his girlfriend wouldn’t have to listen to that one song all the time. And no, we’re not talking ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

Q: Is there one thing you find especially motivating in your work, more than anything else?
Learning new stuff is the main thing that keeps me going and having fun. I’m also motivated by getting stuff shipped, positive feedback, constructive discussion, variety in the things we have to do, seeing quality improve, good teamwork, and so on.

Q: If you were a dictator, what would be the first thing you made illegal?
Pizza with pineapple (Pizza Hawaii).

The Wouter Facts

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