Client Work

Over the years we've composed a rich and diversified portfolio of projects.
Here are only a few of the many projects we are proud of.

Screenshot of AddApp


Addapp is a San Francisco based startup offering a service to monitor and experiment with your fitness data. Addapp aggregates data from different information sources and provides the statistical tools to make this possible.
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Screenshot of VDAB


A consulting and development project for the VDAB, the public employment service of the Flemish government and one of the the largest job sites in Belgium. The is a platform for vocational education students and students finishing higher education or university.
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Screenshot of My NewWorld

My NewWorld

Our NewWorld software automates several key business operations such as administration and wage payment processes. Today this webapp empowers a team of over 50 full time employees to efficiently manage over 16000 field brand-activation events per year.
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Screenshot of Myrise


Myrise is a startup based in Ghent. They offer a dashboard that organizes and scores all your content marketing data. Our collaboration with Myrise started in 2012, long before the company was actually founded.
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Screenshot of One More Thing

One More Thing

In March 2009 we started working on a new version of One More Thing, the largest Dutch Apple community which had around 3.5 million visitors a month at the time. A forum with almost 2 million forum posts was migrated.
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Screenshot of Mirrors Of Medicine

Mirrors Of Medicine

Mirrors of Medicine is a platform created to easily facilitate doctor and student access to several facets of clinical decision making. Madewithlove built an elaborate system to process high volumes of various clinical scenarios. An exciting mission we were happy to take on.
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Own Projects

We invest time in developing both internal and open source products.
Here are a few examples.


A set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. This madewithlove software is downloaded worldwide over 1000 times per day. Learn more…

Htaccess Tester

A well known open source tool in the developer community that can test otherwise pesky htaccess rewrite rules. Learn more…


A task runner and deployment package for the PHP world. Fast and easy to use, as well as remarkably stable. Learn more…


A software release tool, integrated with GitHub to automatically generate release notes for developers, project managers or end customers. Learn more…


Allow for easier structuring of queries and indices in your application with this lightweight wrapper on top of the Elasticsearch PHP client. Learn more…


A handy Packagist version constraint tester. Learn more…


Why can't we have nice things? It started as a joke but became a handy tool that unifies the PHP wiki, the repository and the mailing list. It also shows insights such as voting patterns, comments and history in a clear interface. Learn more…